Salesforce Trailhead of the Day: Pardot Training

Pardot, B2B marketing automation by Salesforce, offers a marketing automation solution supporting the needs of B2B organizations of every size. Pardot is a beast of a platform – and there is so much to learn.

Thankfully, Salesforce has provided free learning on their platform – Trailhead.

I have created a “Trailmix” that is a selected group of modules that will focus on learning everything about Pardot.

In this Trailmix -Modules will cover:

  1. Pardot Basics
  2. Pardot Email Marketing
  3. Pardot Process Automation
  4. Salesforce & Pardot Integratoin
  5. Pardot Lead Generation
  6. Pardot Lead Scoring & Grading
  7. Pardot Lead Nuturing
  8. Content Builder Features
  9. Content Builder Basics
  10. Email Studio Basics
  11. Marketing Automation Strategies
  12. Pardot Engagement Studio
  13. B2B Marketing Analytics Basics
  14. Datasets and Dashboards in B2B Marketing Analytics

If you are interested in completing this free learning, please create a Trailhead Account and click the picture below!

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