Trailhead of the Day

Whether you are just getting started or an experienced user, Trailhead is the best tool to use for learning about Salesforce. Trailhead consists of modules, which are broken up into units. To finish a unit, you must complete the quiz or challenge. Quizzes are multiple choice, and challenges test your skills by allowing you to work within a development org. Once you complete the unit, you get points.  Once you complete the module, you receive a badge. The best part about Trailhead is that it’s a game! You want to receive as many as you can to move up in the ranks.

Modules are also coordinated into Trails. Each trail is a group of modules that cover a certain topic. Here are some Trails I recommend for starting out in Salesforce:

LearnCRM Essentials for Salesforce Classic

This trail is the absolute basics starting with how to add a contact and account. If you haven’t ever been in Salesforce, this Trail is essential for you.

Sell Lighting Fastwith Sales Cloud

Lighting is the future, and the future is now! Take time to learn the basics on selling with Lighting so that your sales reps can start making money!


Every Admin should complete this trail. This trail covers a little bit of everything including Salesforce Platform Basics, Data Modeling, Data Management, Customizations, and Reports & Dashboards.

As this blog evolves, I will start to pick a “Trailhead of the Day.” I look forward to sharing my favorite Modules and Trails with you.

Comment below your favorite Modules and Trails. I would love to hear from you!